Book Review: ‘Break the Chains’ by Dr. Jay D Roberts, MD

ImageBreak the Chains is an inspirational, compelling memoir about forgiveness.

Dr. Jay D Roberts takes the reader on an interesting and enlightening journey, from the time he was a little boy raised by a military father who abused him, to the time he studied medicine in the Philippines in the midst of communist insurrection, to the time he fell victim to a deadly disease and eventually was miraculously healed in Lourdes, France. Above all, the author takes the reader on an internal spiritual journey of the heart and soul, from darkness to light, from slavery to freedom.

I enjoyed reading this memoir. In a simple, straight-forward manner devoid of superfluous words or descriptions, Dr. Roberts states the facts and allows the reader to make his own conclusions about the meaning of life, faith, persistence, love and, of course, forgiveness, which is the central theme of this book. The story moves back and forth in time, showing glimpses of the author at different pivotal points of his life. I found the flashes to his childhood quite disturbing, especially the way Dr. Roberts’ mother rationalized  her husband’s abuse of their son. I also found inspirational the way the author persevered to become a doctor and help patients in spite of all the barriers he had to overcome. In addition, the segments about the political upheavals in the Philippines were like a little history lesson. I wasn’t aware of this particular time in history and was glad to learn about it.

This book is the poignant story of one man’s struggles to break the chains and find peace. Fans of inspirational and Christian memoirs should pick this one up.

Break the Chains book is available on AMAZON B&N / TATE PUBLISHING.


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Anne K. Edwards announces the release of her new book!

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Shadows Over Paradise is the story of complicated characters intent on achieving their own ends, some heedless of the cost to others. Action and tension blended with a brooding house set on a volcanic island with soaring cliffs and few modern amenities, along with turbulent emotions offer a perfect catalyst for the storm that is about to break over the Mantuan Islands.


Julia Graye goes to the tropical island of Tiboo to attend the wedding of Samantha, an old college friend, but she soon discovers that all is not well in Paradise. On the trip to the island, the boat’s captain warns her that there’s political trouble afoot on the island, and when she arrives, she finds dissention shadowing her friend’s family. The natives treat Julia with cool hostility and even some of Samantha’s relatives appear less than thrilled to see her. Warnings and threats come from all around her. A series of increasingly unnerving events follow, culminating in Julia’s discover of the body of Samantha’s murdered fiance. Julia soon learns that the victim was deeply involved in smuggling and the volatile political situation. Her concern for her friend will pull her into the tangled plots surrounding them and put her life in jeopardy. Fans of the old-fashioned Gothic novels of the 1960s and 70s will find Journey Into Terror a modern version of the genre, with all the typical elements including not one, but two, large threatening houses, hostile servanta, cryptic warnings, mysterious events, escalating danger and a compellingly attractive but possible dangerous stranger who is clearly deeply involved in some shadowy plots. After a slow start, the pace picks up rapidly and the last third of the book is a nonstop series of pulse-raising suspenseful escapades that lead to an exciting conclusion.

Reviewed by Karen McCullough of Scribes World

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